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Baby Doll ToysMost women can tell you stories of the first baby doll toys they had as a little girl. Those sweet summer days of strolling your beautiful newborn baby around in your plastic stroller are some of the best memories a girl has from her childhood. Dressing her up, feeding her pretend food, giving her that little bottle with the fake milk inside: these are all fond memories for a grown up little girl.

Playing with baby dolls is an important part of the developmental process for a young girl. She learns how to take care of things. She also learns to develop empathy for other people. In the fun of caring for her baby doll, the first inklings of one day becoming a mother herself may start to happen. Of course, she is many years away from that but learning these traits as a small child will set a precedent in her mind.

There are many types of baby dolls these days, and there are certainly way more than there have been at any other time in history. We even have dolls that talk, walk and go to the bathroom! This is the height of realism, isn’t it? Even the features of some of these dolls look so realistic that you might mistake one for a real baby. There are dolls that are made to look just like real babies. These are called “reborn” babies, and they are a big hit right now!

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