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Teach Baby Sign LanguageYour baby will probably have some difficulty when communicating before they learn to speak. This can be not only frustrating for the parents, but as well for baby. However, there is a solution to this problem. There are many programs available that teach baby sign language which is a great way to understand what your baby is trying to say before they are able to talk.

Babies are able to understand and use sign language from an early age, usually around six or seven months. Many parents have found that babies can understand an awful lot more with sign language than through speech.

Some parents are worried that sign language might hamper a child’s speech development. There is no need to worry because researchers have found that children who are taught baby signing go on to develop excellent language skills. It has also been found that children seem to have a better ability to learn a second language as a result.

There are some other added benefits as well when you teach a child sign language. There has been research done in this area that has found that these children often develop a higher IQ.

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