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Teach Baby MathCan you really teach babies math? If so, how do you teach baby math? Teaching Baby Math consists of exposing your child to the basic language of math at a time when their brain can best grasp it. Here is how to teach Baby Math:

First, teach 1 to 100 using quantity finishing with 0. Quantity is represented by red dots arranged in random formation. When you introduce 1-5 and 6-10 go in order. After that, make sure to shuffle the cards before every lesson.

Teaching Baby Math Schedule:

Day 1: Cover 1-5 three times.
Day 2: Cover 1-5 and 6-10 three times each for a total of six lessons.
Day 3: Shuffle 1-10 six lessons.
Day 6: Everyday, retire 2 numbers and add 2 (or more) new ones. In other words, take out 1 and 2, add 11 and 12. You may need to do more than 2 cards depending on your child.
Day 10: Once you have covered 1-20 incorporate equations. Three equations per lesson with three additional lessons per day for a total of nine lessons. Start with addition, then subtraction followed by multiplication and end with division. Use only two step equations (ex. 1+2=3) spending 2 weeks on each operation showing your child a different equation each time. You are teaching the language of math not drilling in specific facts.

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