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Teaching Babies to ReadThere has been a lot of focus these days on teaching babies to read, and this is good thing. Teaching babies to read is a simple process as babies make the best students. They exit the womb with a hunger to learn everything in a hurry. The beginning months of life when they are not very mobile create a perfect opportunity to kick off a reading program with your baby.

Babies can learn to read effortlessly, and the younger the better. You can begin around 3 months of age with a total commitment of 2 minutes or so a day. That is really all it takes. Once you have chosen the materials you want to show your baby you are ready to go. A session will last for about 30 seconds and you should repeat it to make three sessions per day.

One of the most important steps in teaching your baby to read is to read to your baby. It is all well and grand to teach your baby to read at a young age, but parents shouldn’t rob their babies of the time spent reading stories together. Many parents mistake the time spent teaching their babies as time spent reading to their babies. There is a difference and this is crucial.

Our goal when we teach our babies to read is to create a love of reading. This is accomplished only through exposure to reading great stories. This happens when parents create a loving environment and spend time reading with their babies.