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Teach Your Baby to Spoon-feedingPsychologists affirm that it is a mother, who determines an age when her child begins to eat with a spoon independently, as all matters of upbringing fall on her shoulders. Some babies could eat with a spoon even before 1 year old, whereas a baby of a too anxious mother could not eat by himself even at 2 years old. The result depends on the fact when parents allow their child to try eating at the table. And the earlier this happens, the better result will be for child.

Parental task is to support their baby’s pleasure while eating. A majority of children show a wish to eat with a spoon at 9-11 months, and, if parents encourage such independence of children, then, by 1,5 years the most persistent ones will be able to “wield a spoon” perfectly without any help.

Training for independent spoon-feeding begins at 6 months already, when a child tries to eat by himself, holding a cookie or cracker in his hand. Then at 8 months, when a baby can already sit confidently, you can seat him at the table in a children’s seat and give him a spoon. If you do not do this in time, then sometimes you can see a baby snatching a spoon from a mother’s hand by himself, as he feels a necessity to learn eating by himself. A mother can miss this opportunity in time or treat it as whims during a meal. However, if such thing happens during next spoon-feeding, it is better to give this spoon to a baby, and take another one for yourself. The main is to keep a baby’s pleasure while the process of eating.

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The Dangers of Toy GunsInnumerable kinds of toys exists: robots, things that spin and blink, educational toys, stuffed animals, dolls, and even construction sets to build your own toys. One of the most common kid toys in the United States is the toy gun. Toy guns have been around for a very long time, changing over time to reflect changes in weapon design. A lot of these only make noise and sometimes blink, but some can fire darts or pellets. This kind of toy gun can be particularly dangerous.

Many groups-and for that matter parents-take issue with toy guns. Some people believe that toy guns encourage violence, and some studies have concluded that toy weapons correlate with an increase in violent behavior with kids. Although by and large these claims remain controversial, toy guns are still ubiquitous and most kids will encounter one at some point.

Toys that fire projectiles are also rather common. Some of us owned pellet guns at one point and may even still keep one. Pellet guns are weapons and have the potential to severely wound or in rare cases even kill children and adults. Unlike toys that fire foam darts, pellet guns can often easily kill small animals and should never be pointed at people. Only young people who are responsible enough to handle a weapon should be allowed use of one.

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Teach Your Baby to Roll OverOne of the most beautiful moments in life is the first time when your baby rolls over without help. This usually happens between the age of quarter and half year. It is important to know that generally it is more difficult for an infant to roll from back to front than the opposite direction, so it take at least 7-8 months for an average baby to learn both. Despite that toddlers usually learn this on their own, it can be very useful for a mom or a dad to know how to teach their baby to roll over.

I first understood the importance of helping our baby in learning how to roll over when our baby was around half year old. He started to turn from his stomach to his back during the night. Unfortunately, he could only sleep comfortably on his front, so after rolling over unintentionally, he started to cry in the middle of the night, asking for our help. You can image how tired we looked in the next morning. In such cases it makes things easier when parents can teach their toddler to turn from back to front.

I have found an easy method which help us a lot:

1. Place your baby on a comfortable carpet, making sure he’s leaning on his back.
2. Grab his attention with any of his favorite toys, for example a rattle.
3. Put the toy next to him to the floor, while he’s following it with his eyes. Make sure that he cannot reach it without having to turn.
4. Slowly rotate your baby by his leg on the opposite side of the toy, so that his knee would finally touch the carpet.

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Good Parenting Tips for Inspiring Children to Be Well-BehavedThe most difficult and trying thing that any person can do in life is raising children. But at the same time, it is also the most rewarding experience. Every mother and father wants to be proud of their kids and have other people compliment them on how well behaved they are or that they are always polite. The goal of nearly every parent is to be inspiring children who grow up to be happy, well -adjusted and productive adults. Check out these good parenting tips that will help you achieve that goal.

The Range of Responsibilities

One of the most important skills that you need to learn is how to delegate responsibilities. Even children as young as three years of age can have certain responsibilities in the house. Little ones can pick up their own toys and even put their cups in the dishwasher or kitchen sink.

As the child gets older, they should be given newer and more difficult chores to do. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a four year old sweep the floors or vacuum the carpet. However, a four year old can help to pull weeds out of the garden, put food down for the dog or cat and even dust the furniture.

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Positive Parenting TipsPositive parenting tips is a very popular subject on the internet these days. You can find many articles talking about this subject. However, not many articles go past the surface and dig down into the root of the trouble. We intend to do this in a very concise way that will hold your attention. Please read along to see how you may be helping to send your family down a troubled road.

I don’t mean to make you feel badly because you are not at fault. You probably have been given mis-information about what forms of child discipline are effective. And, as already said, there are many articles on the internet discussing this subject. Many of these articles will have catchy titles which talk about things like; the six parenting tips you must know, or the three tips you must be missing. I’m guilty of that myself in the quest of getting people to find my articles.

As promised in the title of this article, here’s the one positive parenting tip you need to know! The methods you’ve been using to parent/control your children will not work for you unless you understand what is causing your children to act out in the first place! Let me explain.

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