Favorite Remote Controlled ToysRemote controlled toys are a great way of bonding with your child, since they are so much fun for both child and parent. In this way, you as the parent do not have to “work” at spending time with your child (some parents find it difficult to spend prolonged time with their kids) and your child does not get bored. It is a win-win situation.

Bounce Back Racer (suitable from 3 years)
For the younger children, the Bounce Back Racer is a flippable wireless remote controlled car. As soon as it hits an obstacle, it flips, though with a soft body and oversized rubber tyres, it neither breaks nor causes any damage to walls or furniture. Smaller children can run to place obstacles in its path whilst you manoeuvre the racer around the room.

Roary Remote Control Car (suitable from 3 years)
A movie replica, the Roary Remote Control Car can avoid obstacles and returns to you when you call him! Comes complete with pop up and down action, and honking horn, this smart car with built in infrared sensors is sure to be a hit.

Toy Story Wireless Remote Control Car (suitable from 4 years)
This top-of-the-line toy is super smart with moving eyes and 3 modes of use: Follow Mode (the car detects where you are and turns to you and if you continue talking he will move towards you), Explore Mode (the car will drive around on its own without guidance), and Pop-Up Action Mode (the car does complete 360 degree spins, and turns backwards and forwards).

Uncle Milton Tarantula (suitable from 6 years)
Perfect for the more fiendish of children (and adults) this tarantula can be controlled remotely by an egg-shaped control to scurry across any surface which is smooth such as desks, kitchen tables, benchtops, and floors.

Uncle Milton Red Back Spider (suitable from 6 years)
If a tarantula is not your style, then why not try for something a little more deadly like a red back spider? Equally as able to scamper along smooth surfaces and evoke squeals of surprise from the victims, and laughter from your kids!

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