Helping Parents Choose the Best Kid's ToysAll parents wish to make the right choices and, in doing so, to give their children the advantages available. As such, parents attempt to evaluate the legitimacy of these promises and put their consumer dollars to work in the most efficient ways possible.

What Happened to Blocks?
Unlike when many parents were children, today’s kids’ toys integrate electronics in ways never before imagined to the fledgling toy buyer. Even those toys that are not filled with their own circuitry are often accompanied by DVDs to enhance the play experience. Add to this that parents want to choose toys and activities that will be engaging, but that will not completely disrupt the sanity of the adults, the propensity of toys to make noise is often a whole separate challenge.

The good news is that flashing lights, motion, and interactive challenges all act to provide positive stimulation to developing minds. The repetition that electronic toys can provide helps to reinforce major concepts like colours to young children and alleviates the need for parents to spend quite as much time repeating themselves. Current research suggests that repetition is one of the most powerful learning methodologies available, making simple electronic games amongst the best for teaching many basic concepts.

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Writing a Diary The ProsEver maintained a personal diary? Whether you used to do it or have never done it as yet, you should start it soon enough. This is because writing a diary has numerous benefits, and the significant ones are highlighted below:

Your Best Friend
A diary can become your best friend and can accompany you at any time of the day. It will listen to what you have to say and will never judge you or argue with you. It will not even envy you for your achievements or let your secrets out as can be the case with your real friends. You can tell it simply anything that you want to, and it will not get bored of hearing your constant rattling or whining.

Your Inner Most Thoughts
A diary is the key to the innermost thoughts of your mind. If you have trouble comprehending a situation, penning it down will help you understand the circumstances, and thus you can choose a suitable course of action.

Moreover, there are so many times when you cannot admit something even to yourself, but if you write it down, it automatically becomes obvious. This is because whenever you are involved in filling up the pages of your journal, you are so engrossed that you just write the actual truth without any second thoughts. Thus, a diary is a great way to figure out your mind.

Your Outlet
Feel mad at someone? Use your diary to vent all the anger out. Many a times, people do this on another person, which is not exactly nice, and can even result in consequences that you would come to regret. So just use your diary to let out all your bubbling anger.

Your Anti Depressant
If you pen down something, it slows down your thinking process because your mind is involved in writing. This can help reduce depression and stress, and you feel somewhat calm.

Teach Your Baby to Spoon-feedingPsychologists affirm that it is a mother, who determines an age when her child begins to eat with a spoon independently, as all matters of upbringing fall on her shoulders. Some babies could eat with a spoon even before 1 year old, whereas a baby of a too anxious mother could not eat by himself even at 2 years old. The result depends on the fact when parents allow their child to try eating at the table. And the earlier this happens, the better result will be for child.

Parental task is to support their baby’s pleasure while eating. A majority of children show a wish to eat with a spoon at 9-11 months, and, if parents encourage such independence of children, then, by 1,5 years the most persistent ones will be able to “wield a spoon” perfectly without any help.

Training for independent spoon-feeding begins at 6 months already, when a child tries to eat by himself, holding a cookie or cracker in his hand. Then at 8 months, when a baby can already sit confidently, you can seat him at the table in a children’s seat and give him a spoon. If you do not do this in time, then sometimes you can see a baby snatching a spoon from a mother’s hand by himself, as he feels a necessity to learn eating by himself. A mother can miss this opportunity in time or treat it as whims during a meal. However, if such thing happens during next spoon-feeding, it is better to give this spoon to a baby, and take another one for yourself. The main is to keep a baby’s pleasure while the process of eating.

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Tamiya CarsTamiya cars are some of the best remote control model vehicles you can find. The company holds championship races once a year, and the winners get to compete against the champions from Japan for the World Championship.

In 1947, Yoshio Tamiya’s lumber mill started building wooden models. A few years later when the sawmill closed down, the model division continued and became very successful. By 1968, Tamiya was the first Japanese model manufacturer to exhibit at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany. In 1976, Tamiya sold the first electric remote controlled model of a Porsche 934 Turbo. This helped start the popularity of radio controlled cars with hobbyists all over the world. In 1987, the Racing Mini 4WD cars were introduced to the public. By 1989, Tamiya America, Incorporated was launched in Los Angeles, California and Tamiya Europe was established in Germany. In 1995, Tamiya Philippines was established. The first Tamiya/Con model contest was held in Los Angeles. The winners got to visit Japan and compete for the World Championship.

Tamiya RC cars are made for both onroad and offroad racing. Some of the more popular models for onroad racing include the RC Raybrig NSX 2007, the RC Ferrari F430 and the RC Eclipse Advan SC430. The Raybrig is one of the best Tamiya cars for racing. It features excellent handling and a sleek chassis. The Ferrari offers both easy driving and easy maintenance. It performs superbly at high speeds and is designed with optimal balance. The Eclipse is aerodynamic and features a unique front inboard suspension system for excellent handling and precision.

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Teach Your Baby to Roll OverOne of the most beautiful moments in life is the first time when your baby rolls over without help. This usually happens between the age of quarter and half year. It is important to know that generally it is more difficult for an infant to roll from back to front than the opposite direction, so it take at least 7-8 months for an average baby to learn both. Despite that toddlers usually learn this on their own, it can be very useful for a mom or a dad to know how to teach their baby to roll over.

I first understood the importance of helping our baby in learning how to roll over when our baby was around half year old. He started to turn from his stomach to his back during the night. Unfortunately, he could only sleep comfortably on his front, so after rolling over unintentionally, he started to cry in the middle of the night, asking for our help. You can image how tired we looked in the next morning. In such cases it makes things easier when parents can teach their toddler to turn from back to front.

I have found an easy method which help us a lot:

1. Place your baby on a comfortable carpet, making sure he’s leaning on his back.
2. Grab his attention with any of his favorite toys, for example a rattle.
3. Put the toy next to him to the floor, while he’s following it with his eyes. Make sure that he cannot reach it without having to turn.
4. Slowly rotate your baby by his leg on the opposite side of the toy, so that his knee would finally touch the carpet.

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