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Swing Set For Toddlers And Older KidsToday’s manufacturers of swing sets create designs for toddlers to young children up to the age of around 12. These are not necessary the boring basic playsets of years ago. Wooden Playsets structures today are available with a large assortment of choices and upgrades to accommodate just about any size family and age range of children. In many cases it is the size of the backyard that will dictate the size of the structure and then secondly the cost of the swing set will play a great part in the selection process. While basic metal or wood units with or without slides and a couple of swings are still available at a reasonable price, there are many other combinations that can quickly raise the cost. Options can turn a basic play set in an entertainment recreational area in your own garden. Before you purchase decide on the location and set a budget for the unit so you know what the ground rules are ahead of time. This will also reduce the chance for errors. Imagine having a structure delivered only to find out the spot in the garden is too small.

Options have greatly improved over the last 15 years. Lumber construction consists of many different types of wood such as, redwood, cedar, pine, and vinyl or vinyl clad. Several vendors use a combination of these woods for building creative playsets. Two such companies are Gorilla Playsets and Swing-N-Slide. Both of these companies use a combination of woods in their design process. Engineered to be safe, well- built, unique and creative structures is what they are all about.

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