Teach Your Baby to Roll OverOne of the most beautiful moments in life is the first time when your baby rolls over without help. This usually happens between the age of quarter and half year. It is important to know that generally it is more difficult for an infant to roll from back to front than the opposite direction, so it take at least 7-8 months for an average baby to learn both. Despite that toddlers usually learn this on their own, it can be very useful for a mom or a dad to know how to teach their baby to roll over.

I first understood the importance of helping our baby in learning how to roll over when our baby was around half year old. He started to turn from his stomach to his back during the night. Unfortunately, he could only sleep comfortably on his front, so after rolling over unintentionally, he started to cry in the middle of the night, asking for our help. You can image how tired we looked in the next morning. In such cases it makes things easier when parents can teach their toddler to turn from back to front.

I have found an easy method which help us a lot:

1. Place your baby on a comfortable carpet, making sure he’s leaning on his back.
2. Grab his attention with any of his favorite toys, for example a rattle.
3. Put the toy next to him to the floor, while he’s following it with his eyes. Make sure that he cannot reach it without having to turn.
4. Slowly rotate your baby by his leg on the opposite side of the toy, so that his knee would finally touch the carpet.

5. At this point your baby is turning on his side, this is enough for the stronger babies to finish the rolling over by themselves.
6. If your baby needs further help, also rotate his arm on the opposite side of the toy, gently pulling it towards the other side, until the baby finally rolls over by himself.
7. Allow him to enjoy playing with the toy.

Do this a few times a day. Given that your baby is in the right age and physically prepared for this movement, he’ll very soon learn how to roll over. When your toddler has already learned one of the directions (probably it’ll be front to back), it is enough to practice the other one.

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